@ Wild

The Quick and Dirty
w/ Miki Agrawal

Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 7:30pm
Wild Williamsburg Greenhouse

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The Quick and Dirty w/ Miki Agrawal

Clear your calendar - The first of many Do Cool Sh*t shindigs is going down at WILD Williamsburg

Do Cool Sh*t @ WILD kicks off on June 3rd, 2014 at 7:30pm, and YOU deserve to be there.

Join our Tribe for a night of conversation, great organic farm-to-table pizza at Miki's restaurant WILD, and hashing out our ideas. Miki Agrawal, author of the best-selling entrepreneurship book Do Cool Sh*t, will share her '7 Steps To Building Your Dream Biz in a Weekend' and kick off the night of connecting our amazing Tribe! You will leave with quick and dirty steps and ways to kickstart your ideas and passions! 

We also have epic news! The growing Do Cool Sh*t Tribe is over the moon excited about our biggest initiative yet and we have never been more excited to announce that our Do Cool Sh*t BOOTCAMP is in the major works for the end of 2014 in NYC. We are talking five days of 50 Doers putting their ideas into action all while connecting with each other, meeting some of the most successful entrepreneurs, eating amazing farm-fresh fare, exploring creativity and overall well-being, and most of all having one hell of a time!

We want to incorporate YOUR ideas and input into our BOOTCAMP planning so come on June 3rd to be the first to hear many exciting details, engage in an open dialouge with the planning team, and have a chance to earn the FIRST spot in our DCS Bootcamp Class of 2014 for FREE! Hint for success - be confident in your ideas!

Tickets will go quickly so snag yours now!

See you on June 3rd, Team Awesome! 


Team DCS

Wild Williamsburg

Do Cool Sh*t - An inspiring, irreverent manifesto for those seeking to blaze their own path to entrepreneurship and find fulfillment and happiness through bold action and big ideas.

In Do Cool Sh*t, Miki shows you how to start your own business, fund it on a shoestring budget, convene the perfect brain trust to brainstorm your business plan, test your product, get great (free) press coverage and more—all while living a life you’re proud of. You will walk away from each chapter with tangible takeaways and systems that you can apply in your life.

Miki pulls back the curtain of how you can live out loud, honor your hunches and leave nothing on the table. She reminds you that it’s cool to care and be excited about ideas, it’s cool to be proactive, it’s cool to mess up, it’s cool to work your ass off on something that is meaningful to you and it’s cool to keep trying when the odds are stacked against you.

Our "Illuminator" Speaker Lineup


- Author of DO COOL SH*T

- Founder of WILD 

- Co-Founder of THINX 

- Partner of Super Sprowtz

- Named to Forbes’ 2013 “Top 20 Millienials On a Mission”



- Founder of a Social Gaming Company 

- Passionate educator, business development guru and community-builder


- Founder of Dreams for Kids DC

- Founder of TRIBUTE

- Presentation Coach

- Impact Consultant


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